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Our company is Business Decisions Services, Inc. (BDS) an African American Firm. Business Decisions Services, Inc., is a Certified City and State Minority Small Business Enterprise with New York. Business Decisions Service, Inc. is also in review as a Disable Business Enterprise with the Port Authority and in review with New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council. We have an impressive resume and a history of performance and achievements. The only thing we need to accomplish our goal is a ladder of opportunity. That is the basis of this appeal. If you will refer us to a decision maker in your claims operations, then you will be making a good business decisions in taking a positive step towards both of our futures. We desire consideration for your approved subcontract list ad an opportunity to compete.

The Benefits of Utilizing BDS

  • BDS’s creative approach will bridge the gap between profit and loss.
  • BDS’s service eliminates the sharing of profits with collection agencies.
  • BDS’s service offers clients an effective low cost alternative to traditional collection agencies.
  • BDS’s service allows clients to maintain and preserve customer relationships while recovering payments from seriously past due accounts.
  • BDS provides fast, reliable and effective services.
  • BDS’s service provides the business intelligence required to analyze and manage accounts.
  • BDS’s “door knocker” approach emphasizes the seriousness of the debt. A financial investigator will meet with the client and obtain statements and visual observations relevant to managing the account.
  • BDS will identify and obtain information from other businesses that have extended credit to your customer to assist with managing the account.
  • BDS can find your customers when their whereabouts are an issue.
  • BDS provides nationwide coverage.
  • BDS’s services are utilized on an as needed basis. Our fee structure is based on flat rates and fixed service charges.