Bds, Inc’s Services


ADDRESS VERIFICATION will provide you the information you need to serve papers or meet other needs.   Business Decisions Services experience and resources make this the most comprehensive confidential verification available.

ASSET SEARCHES will identify assets, locate litigation involving the asset, and determine encumbrances to prevent throwing away money and being the last in a long line of creditors. Often the individual who becomes highly leveraged does his best to keep assets out of sight of creditors. Sometimes the individual defaulting is a swindler who has perpetrated the same crime on others. An asset search will provide complete details.

AVIATION SEARCH will provide you with access to information on all currently registered aircraft owners throughout the United States. This search will provide valuable data such as owner/registrant address, type of aircraft, manufacturer’s name and additional data as required.

BANKRUPTCY SEARCH provides you with comprehensive access to the UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT RECORDS. There are 169 United States Bankruptcy Courts that maintain record filings under the provision of the Federal Bankruptcy Act. Business Decisions Services has access to all of them.

BUSINESS CREDIT REPORT will provide you with critical business data that will help you identify high risk customers and industry segments, as well as keep you informed of the status of your current customers. All information is derived and confirmed through independent sources and trade references.

BUSINESS SEARCH is a single source for location confirmation. A search may be conducted geographically by city, state, zip code or nationwide. Business Decisions Services has access to more than nine million listings, as well as national change of address data.

CIVIL RECORDS searches are available in all counties throughout the U.S. When provided with the subject full name, date of birth, county, and state of search, we will provide you with a comprehensive five-year record of any civil actions to which the subject is a party. Our report will also identify date of action, amount, docket number, case type, and court.

CLINIC INSPECTIONS will consist of on-site visits and inspections of medical providers to determine the status of the operation.

COLLECTION REPORT will increase the probability of collecting legitimate debts owed. A consumer credit report is supplemented with additional information including telephone numbers of creditors with whom the consumer has active accounts, current address, telephone number, and employment of the debtor.

COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE draws upon diverse resources to gather information to support your business decision needs.

CORPORATE/LIMITED PARTNERSHIP report provides essential information on corporations.   Obtaining background information about a corporation is an important early step whenever a corporation is party to a business transaction.



COMPREHENSIVE BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION (CBI) includes Civil & Criminal, Hospital Records, Activity Check & Claim History information. We will cover the claimant’s reputation, financial status, assets, family make up, character, determine all previous addresses, obtain information regarding the claimant’s previous employment, past and present lifestyle, interview /Sheriff/Police, get copies of incident reports involving the claimant from the police or sheriff, and investigate to determine any additional pertinent information regarding the claimant.

 CRIMINAL RECORD SEARCHES are available in all fifty states and can be accessed on a county wide basis.   Through a network of more than 1,600 research specialists, information can be obtained frommore than 15,000 court repositories throughout the country. When supplied with the necessary information, this search will provide a seven-year detailed conviction record.

CUSTOMIZED INVESTIGATIONS can be designed for CEOs, general counsels, attorneys, underwriters, workout departments, account officers, and senior-level management. Their needs are specific and unique and our investigation can be tailored to meet any specific requirement.

DISCRIMINATION INVESTIGATIONS are conducted to determine evidence to validate or refute claims of employees or others including matters of harassment. Detail information will be provided while using the highest level of discretion.

DUE DILIGENCE/DOMESTIC BUSINESS PROFILE will provide critical business data that will help you identify high risk prospects, customers, industry, segments, and events in the volatile business environment. Information is developed and confirmed through independent sources and trade references by experienced financial investigators.

EDUCATION VERIFICATION confirms attendance and degrees from any institution in the country. This verification is designed to identify errors made during the the application process.

ELECTRONIC REPORTS are available vis fax or modem. Service Request Forms are available on disks for most popular word processing software.

FRAUD INVESTIGATIONS are conducted as specified by the client.

FINANCIAL INVESTIGATIONS (Commercial and Individual) will provide the income and asset status of the subject. The investigation can also determine the existence of suits, judgements, bankruptcies and liens. Credit files can be accessed to determine pay histories.

HOSPITAL ATTENDANCE SEARCHES are available to ascertain if hospital records and the subjects’ statement correspond. All hospital records in the georgraphic proximity where treatment of injuries or illness may have occurred are located and reviewed. A complete report of all medical records is prepared.


JUDGEMENT SEARCH may be accessed on a county, state, or federal court level involving both general and limited jurisdiction courts. This search provides access to the judgement records of 315 United States District Courts, 2,250 state courts of jurisdiction and 13,231 state courts of limited jurisdiction, providing thesingle most comprehensive network available. A county search will identify recorded judgements on a subject and provide all details as providedby the court records. Records are also available on a United States Federal Court level and will provide all available judgement information as recorded.

LOCATE/SKIP TRACE SERVICES utilize proven techniques and sophisticated computer technology to locate witnesses, defendants, and skips on bad debts.

MORTGAGE REPORTS span a two-year period and include data that helps you determine an applicant’s ability and willingness to pay. You receive essential information on employment, past and present paying experiences, outstanding financial obligations, legal information and relevant personal data. Reports include a court records check, including adverse items for a seven-year period. Mortgage reports contain timely and accurate information that meets all investors’ requirements.

MOVING VIOLATIONS REPORT contains a three to seven-year history of an individual’s driving record.   Gathered from STATE DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES, the information is comprehensive and as current as exists in the state records.

NEIGHBORHOOD SEARCH will provide you with the closest fifteen (15) neighbors to a specific address.   Knowing who resides in close proximity to a specific address can be very helpful in identifying certain characteristics necessary to locate a party, vehicle, or other information.

PERSONNEL INVESTIGATIONS can provide detailed information about your subject when discretion is your highest priority. Whether investigating harassment, providing litigation support, hiring a key employee, appointing a Director, investigating inventory shrinkage, or white-collar crime, Business Decisions Services can provide the information without risk of the subject finding out.

PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION report will validate application information to identify inconsistencies. Conversations with prior employers (including supervisors when possible) will identify applicant strengths and opportunities for improvement.

PROFESSIONAL LICENSE VERIFICATION will confirm license compliance credibility or establish fraud when reviewing an employee candidate, or party to a transaction.   This search is performed directly with the state repository of professional license data and provides current information needed to make an informed decision.