Privacy Policy



We cannot overstate the significance we have on confidentiality and the protection of non-public personal information. All employees are informed by management of the company’s Privacy Policy concerning the treatment of non-public personal information, and all employees are required to read and sign the enclosed confidentiality declaration statement.

Confidential Non-Public Personal Information

Business Decisions Services has a Privacy Policy concerning the treatment of non-public personal information of its clients including, but not limited to their employees, contractors, policyholders and claimants. Federal and State laws prohibit Business Decisions Services from disclosing non-public personal information to non-affiliated third parties unless otherwise permitted or required by law. Non-Public Personal Information is generally information that personally identifies and individual and which is not otherwise available to the public. Non-public personal information includes employment, financial and health information on such individuals.

By accepting employment with Business Decisions Service, you (the undersigned) agrees to:

(1)      Protect the confidentiality of all non-public personal information that you obtain from or on behalf of Business Decisions Services in performing your service obligations to us, and not disclose such information outside your organization except as permitted by federal or state law.

(2)      Restrict access to all non-pubic personal information that you obtain on behalf of Business Decisions Services, to those individuals in your organization that require such information.

These confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations shall survive the termination of your employment with Business Decisions Services.